Thursday, June 14, 2012

QNUPS - QNUPS Jakarta Advisory Service

What QNUPS? Where you will get information about QNUPS? I will let you know about QNUPS in Jakarta - QNUPS Jakarta Advisory Service.
A QNUPS refers to a pension scheme, which is set up to safeguard your funds from incurring inheritance tax. Expats who have a UK based pension scheme, can place money into a QNUPS, which enables their beneficiaries, when they die, to avoid inheritance tax

QNUPS agreements are of importance for:
  1. Expats from the UK who already have a QROPS in place.
  2. Expats who will be repatriating to the UK.
  3. UK based high net worth individuals or domiciled individuals who have utilised their maximum income tax relievable pension contributions.
  4. Any individual who after 06/04/2010 will be constrained to a basic rate of income tax relief on their UK pension contributions.

The key benefits of a QNUPS are the UK IHT tax exemptions in the form of:   
  1. UK tax mitigation for pension funds that have been transferred to a QNUPS (which may also be a QROPS).
  2. Contributions to a QNUPS program by an existing or previous UK resident
  3. Assets held within a QNUPS.
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  1. Thank you for sharing this news on QNUPS with us. I was reading articles online on tax debt relief because I have been hearing so much about it, that's how I found your blog. I'm happy I did because this was a very informative read. Thank you again for sharing.